Theaceaen History

Theaceae was a haven for elves thousands of years ago, but only traces of this civilization remain. Art and artifacts from the elves of this era are highly prized among the wealthy around the world. The details of the disaster that ended the elvish civilization are not clear, but there are rumors of a large disaster that destroyed the elvish capital city of Sinensis coinciding with a dragon appearing in the region and hunting down elves for their treasure.

Rumors of precious metals in the White Spine mountains brought a clan of dwarves to Theaceae. While they did not find the riches they were looking for, the clan found pure ore and minerals and control the mining in the mountains to the present day.

Legends of rich, lush plant growth during the height of the elvish civilization brought humans to the region approximately 500 years ago. Rather than a bountiful region filled with plenty, these early settlers found an austere region filled with danger. Some of the settlers carved an area of safety out above the gnoll infested jungles and began growing tea for trade, while others embraced the rugged environment on the far side of the mountains and struck out on their own.