Domov is the capital city of the dwarves in the region. The city is the hub of trade between the dwarves and the rest of the region. A large number of overland and underground routes throughout the mountains connect to Domov.


Huge smithys dominate the bulk of the space in Domov. These forges generate the metal trades goods that are so prized throughout the region.

A handful of these forges are fiercely protected and dedicated to artificing. The rest will occasionally take on outside apprentices that show good promise. These apprentices are highly valued blacksmiths when they graduate and their goods are almost as valued as the metalworked goods from the dwarves themselves.


A series of mines and mining tunnels surround Domov. As the city has grown, the mining tunnels around Domov have become underground roadways, and some of the mines have become small towns in their own right.

These tunnels typically follow veins of ore, but sometimes the dwarves are lucky and find gemstones. The art from stone or gemstones is especially prized and never traded away, unlike the metal goods.