A small clan of dwarves came to Theaceae roughly 1,000 years ago looking for gold and gems. Instead of treasures, these dwarves found remarkably pure ore and mineral deposits. Begrudgingly, the dwarves accepted this turn of fortune and became the most talented smiths in the region. The ore is the key to their success, and they will fiercely guard their mines and drive off anyone who tries to mine in the White Spine mountains.

Small expeditions of dwarves can be found in the mountains, locating new veins of ore and starting small mines. They are more than willing to trade with explorers that find their small mines, but they fiercely guard knowledge of the locations of their most valuable mines.


The dwarves are rules by a complex interconnected network of families. Currently, the Banik family is the ruling family, and they claim to trace their lineage back to the founding of Domov.

The families will send their children to apprentice or page with other families to strengthen the bonds and alliances between the families. This has lead to an interconnected web of alliances with a strong history of intrigue and scheming.

Because family names are important and the dwarves have developed some superstitions about the Fey in the region, first names are considered private. Only close family members know first names, and dwarves are instead known by their title in their family. Dwarves only change their title by improving it, leading to a whole series of ‘retired honorifics’ for elder family members.