Croatoa is the first settlement founded by humans in the region. The town was abandoned, and all subsequent attempts to resettle the town have failed.

The town remains untouched and looks identical to the day the first settlers disappeared. Local legends tell that anyone who visits Croatoa is cursed if they touch anything or, worse yet, take anything from the settlement.


A few kilometers down the coast, a tall lighthouse marks the edge of the cove where the sea transitions into a rocky reef. On foggy nights, a light can be seen in the top of the lighthouse and voices can be heard drifting out over the coast.


The docks are perfectly intact and serviceable for any ship brave enough to use them. Local smugglers occasionally send ships through these docks, following their own series of traditions and superstitions to stay safe. Even with these precautions, sometimes entire smuggler ships disappear nearby or their welcoming parties and trade goods are not to be found when the ships come in to port.