The Friends are a largely decentralized network of criminals that post and accept jobs via internal communications. Most of their work is smuggling to avoid tariffs and move contraband throughout the region, but they also offer small protection jobs at more affordable rates than the Sisters and with more discretion.


The leadership of the Friends are the longest serving and most successful members.

Marquis Drach (elf man, drow shadowblade) is a deadly master assassin. Assassinations are the rarest work that the Friends do, and this group among the Friends is the smallest. However, under Drach’s leadership, this faction has gained wide renown and fear.

Falcon (human man, champion) is a former pit fighter who became a thief. He manages the largest number of Friends members, conducting basis thieving, adventuring, and protection jobs.

Wahn (human man, archmage) is a crazy, old, powerful mage. He funds teams that collect old elven artifacts, and he keeps the best artifacts for himself before selling off or smuggling out the remaining ones. Wahn is paranoid, spending large amounts of time and effort monitoring potential arcane rivals.

Agnes (human woman, war priest) is a former member of the Sisterhood Council who left over disagreements about the long term direction of the Sisterhood. She works to recruit current Sisters to her teams. These teams only do projection and monster slaying jobs, at much better prices than the Sisterhood offers.


The Friends have an internal banking system where members and affiliates that have received credit for doing work can purchase goods or services from bankers. The ledger for members is communicated magically, though members can also issue IOUs against their credit for individuals who are not affiliated with the Friends.


The Friends have access to a shared extradimensional manor that serves as their shared headquarters and meeting space. Occasionally access may be granted to aids, but generally the access is restricted to leadership.

This extradimensional manor was stolen from a forgotten Archmage who inherited it from before the magical accident that impeded transdimensional travel.