The port city of Douro is the primary conduit for trade and travel in and out of Theaceae. As the second largest city in region, Douro is home to 5,000 people.

Caravans between Douro and Camilla are limited, as most people only brave the jungles of the east side in the relative safety of numbers. Individuals traveling to Camilla or the dry side may have to wait several weeks for the next trade caravan bringing trade goods to exchange for tea from the mountains. More impatient individuals can find local guides through the jungles if they have enough gold and bravery.


Most of Douro is on the water, trying to find safety from the occasional raids that get past the patrols and defenses. Half of the city is an amalgamation of docks and floating buildings.

The docks for the trade ships are the largest and most recognizable feature of Douro. Carefully maintained and well guarded, there are often a couple of ships waiting here to unload trade goods or load up more tea. Adventurers may find themselves waiting here for several weeks, but there is always work to be found in the docks while adventurers wait.