Adventuring Academy

The Adventurers Academy is famous throughout Theaceae. Young children throughout the dry side dream of being accepted into the Adventurers Academy and apprenticing with one of the senior adventurers. Graduates are expected to embrace this spirit of generosity, charging fair rates for their services and giving back to the Adventurers Academy to support new apprentices. Many of the homes in the area around the Academy belong to retired graduates who have come back to help teach new adventurers.

Wandering Inn

The Wandering Inn is well known throughout the Dry Side. Prospective apprentices start their journey to become adventurers here, hoping to catch the attention of one of the veterans that has settled in the area. Food and drinks are available at the prices the prices listed in the Player’s Handbook on the Food and Drink table.

Harald Idelson (human man, bard) is the gregarious and excitable bartender. He always wants to trade stories with all guests and will sometimes sing for the guests when they ask politely enough. Harald will recommend prospective apprentices various members of the community if he believes that they would be a good match for one of the veterans.


An unassuming stone structure on the outskirts of the main part of the town houses the portion of the library that is above ground. The library extends into a maze below ground, with scrolls, books, maps and various artifacts laid out according to a cacophony of conflicting organization systems. Despite the crumbling facade, the defenses that protect the tombs below have never been breached.

Eleonore Rothmann (human woman, archmage) is old and exceedingly frail. She will only let people into the library if they are on Adventuring Academy business or have proven themselves trustworthy. Calm and unflapable, Elonore always speaks in a whisper, even when she is not inside the library.

Botanical Gardens

Massive outdoor botanical gardens is one of the most breathtaking sights in all of the settlements on the Dry Side. The botanical gardens contain an astonishing array of plants that grow nowhere else in Theaceae, ranging from tropical ferns and massive flowers to aromatic herbs.

Marion Wexner (human woman, monk) is friendly but direct. She only accepts visitors in the gardens and expects any visitors, regardless of station, to help with maintenance and care of the gardens. Marion always has small jobs to test the capabilities of adventurers.

Sunny Slope Orchards

The Sunny Slope Orchards is the most prominent of the local farms near the Adventuring Academy. Hearty fruit trees have been carefully intermixed with the natural flora in the forest, following meandering paths.

Noah Frisch (dwarf male, ranger) is gruff and argumentative. He carefully manages the forests around the Adventuring Academy and can often be overheard muttering about farmers improperly infringing upon the forest. Noah is very protective of Sunny Slope Orchards and will chase off anyone who has not been invited by Patrik.

Patrik Frisch (human male, archdruid) is cautious and polite. He takes care of the fruit trees, always looking to create more hardy trees that are better adapted to the climate of the Dry Side. Patrik is happy to sell his fruits but is reticent to allow adventurers into the orchards without good reason.