The Sisterhood is an isolated religious order of scholars and warriors that generally worships the siblings of order. This all woman order trains girls from birth to take a place in their order.


Groups of the Sisters called Verses patrol the dry side, seeking threats and looking for orphaned girls. While people on the dry side know that the Sisterhood will always complete any dangerous job, their high prices and strict adherence to their religion often dissuade people from hiring them. The Sisters have been known to show up, remove a threat, and expect some payment or tithing to help keep their traveling Verses fed and armed.


The Sisterhood is run by a council of senior sisters. These sisters represent the two main factions in the Sisterhood and a third sister to prevent deadlock.

Sister Frida (human woman, war priest) represents the sisters who worship Forge. She is heavily scarred form leading several Verses in major battles over the years and she has lost many close sisters in the forest. Sister Frida strongly advocates for leading Verses into the forest to impose order over the chaotic fey.

Sister Marie (elf woman, war priest) represents the sisters who worship Knowledge. She is younger than the other two members of the council. Sister Marie wants to understand the fey and local customs to appease them, which she sees is a far safer approach and far less costly in terms of lives of sisters. She would like to reach an understanding with the fey.

Sister Elisabeth (human woman, war priest) acts as the balancing vote on the council and does not openly advocate for one faction or another. She has been in the Sisterhood longer than many of the sisters have been alive. Sister Elisabeth sees benefits to both Sister Frida and Sister Marie’s approaches and tries to balance both.

Outlying Areas

The outlying areas around Kalkum contain a variety of small farms and villages that support the Sisters.

One of these villages contains a small community of elves that often send their girl children to join the Sisters. Of note in this community, there is a retired elf Archdruid that goes by the name of Josie. The party can buy potions or training from Josie.