Wolff Point

Wolff Point is sometimes called the “gateway to the frontier”, though not by anyone that lives there. This small town of 2,000 is situated in the foothills of the White Spine mountains, near the pass that leads to Camellia and the East side.

Wolff Trading Post

At the heart of town is the Wolff Trading Post, the nexus of trade between the dry side and the East side. The trading post stocks the gear found on the Adventuring Gear table in the Player’s Handbook, at the listed prices. Food and rations cost double the listed price.

Tirza Wolff (human woman, commoner) is the latest member of the Wolff family to operate the Wolff Trading Post. She is friendly but businesslike, always happy to help new travelers who are preparing to head into the dry side for the first time. Tirza always has some work available for friendly faces that she trusts. She maintains a business relationship with the Tealeaf family.

Majestic Badger

A large, 6 foot tall carved badger standing rampant guards the entrance of the rough-hewn log and stone building that is Wolff Point’s only inn. Accommodations are basic and food is expensive, but the Majestic Badger is comfortable and there is often a traveling bard or a tinker visiting. Food and rations cost double the prices listed in the Player’s Handbook.

Balris Grirlei (elf man, bard) is heavyset and old enough that his hair has gone grey. He is friendly but a man of few words, and he will only discuss the elves in the region with elven characters.


One shrine serves all of the religious needs for people in Wolff Point and the surrounding area. In the center of the shrine sits a stone altar, one side carefully maintained and covered in intricate runes while the other is weathered and overgrown with plants. Seating surrounds the altar, offering views of both sides.

Sister Amelia (human woman, priest) is a retired member of the Sisterhood who recently moved to Wolff Point to manage the shrine. While Sister Amelia worships Knowledge, through her studies she knows how to worship any of the six deities and will provide rites for any of them.

Bauer Ranch

Bauer Ranch sits on the outskirts of Wolff Point. The ranch extends into the foothills of the White Spine mountains and has the largest herd of goats on the Dry Side. Goats are the best suited pack animals in the region and can be purchased for the price of a pony.

Lukas Bauer (human man, commoner) runs the ranch with his children. He will sell his goats, but he requires some assurances that the purchasers are capable of properly taking care of the goats.